Sunday, 12 June 2011

A bit of tinkering with MoaBG!

In preparation for the inevitable but implacable launch of The Pixel Show, I dug around in MoaBG’s settings and played with Paint.NET for a few hours and made a few changes that advance your favourite blog, while also holding true to the look you all know and love.

Among the changes:

  • Slightly refreshed logo that glows white, not red, along with a tweak to the text saying “Musings of a British Gamer”, so it looks just like TPS’s logo
  • New description under said logo
  • The background now does not scroll with the page, so it doesn’t fade to black (this, however, is incompatible with iPads and similar mobile devices that can’t support that sort of formatting)
  • Added red highlights to the frames (such as this one)

I’m continually adjusting the look and layout of MoaBG to make it as well-presented as it is (hopefully, please God hopefully) well-written. Be sure to comment on the changes or suggest new ones!


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