Friday, 20 January 2012

TPS3: Behind the Scenes

Yesterday’s Pixel Show was the hardest to make so far, not because it was any longer or more complex than any other episode, but because of my stupid camera. I shot the whole episode in four long, sweeping takes, and then prepared to edit them into a finished product – only to discover that the entire thing was horrendously out of focus:


You might notice that the Metroid Prime Trilogy’s package in the video is already opened – that’s because I’d opened it properly in an out-of-focus shot, and then had to do the whole thing again.

This week’s episode also features better lighting, I think. There’s no ugly shadow over my face, at the very least.

If there’s one thing that I’m most pleased with this episode, it’s that I am becoming better at doing these unscripted takes. Hopefully it comes across in the videos that this is natural and not forced or disjointed. Here’s hoping, anyway!


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