Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Battleship: The Movie that Parted the Ocean (of critics)

See what I did there?

Today’s going to be a good day. No, I’m sadly not going to be making TPS13 in the next few hours – that’s potentially tomorrow – but I am seeing my friends from home today for a much-needed few hours of catch-up, chilling out and generally having a good time. And nothing says “catch up and chill out” like going to watch Battleship after a trip to Nando’s.

I’ve often said that you should always find your own opinion of something. You don’t bash a film, game, book or TV show you haven’t seen without first seeing it and finding your own impressions. So they might be unique. But they’re yours, not someone else’s. However, reading the reviews of a film can’t hurt – you can get the impression as to whether what you’re about to watch is going to be awesome and taken seriously (Drive), seen with a massive smile on your face because it’s a big-budget, enjoyable action movie (Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol).

I know! I’m scared too!

Reaching a critical consensus of Battleship, however, is more difficult, as due to its staggered release schedules that leave the US waiting until May for it, next to no real critical reviews of the film have yet been published. Only seven reviews have made it onto Rotten Tomatoes, and they vary massively from “surprisingly good” to “predictably terrible”. This leads me to think that, much like another big-budget Hasbro-based film that I found to be dumb, but enjoyable, Battleship won’t exactly blow my mind with narrative brilliance, but it will entertain me with setpiece after setpiece.

Plus, Liam Neeson is in it.


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