Monday, 23 April 2012

Jackanory time!

You can imagine the thought processes at play in the first week of university: “You must choose two subjects as well as your major”, say the university. “Okay, which ones are the least work?” I reply. And so Creative Writing was added to my list of taken subjects at university. And I’ve written ten stories/poems/screenplays in my time so far. Whgich one do you feel should be posted to MoaBG for your consumption?

  • A story about four soldiers in their last week
  • A science-fiction comedy story
  • A story about me chatting up a girl in a bar and talking about my home town
  • A novelisation of the Skyrim trailer
  • Two depressing poems
  • A poem about a door
  • A poem about a box
  • A screenplay about a third wheel
  • A science-fiction horror story
  • A story about six entities on a WW1 battlefield

Which do you want?



Sam Routledge said...

My vote's for the two SF stories; the comedy and the horror. I love me some SF. :3

Chris said...

Voting for you chatting up a girl, should be good :p

StargamerX said...

It looks to me like these are good to post when you don't have much time otherwise! But I vote for the box poem, hoping it somehow involves cats.

Andy said...

Sci-fi Comedy!