Tuesday, 4 December 2012

I am an experience bigamist

No, not an experienced bigamist, an experience bigamist! As in, I am married to multiple sources of game experience. Oh, never mind, send in the safety lines and ready the placebo medication because I am officially addicted to Halo 4’s multiplayer.

Rather than be content with the regular level progress bar, Halo 4 not only gives you the XP count of your previous match (always in the thousands) and how much is left to go until you rank up once more. Each match, then, feels like a legitimate chunk of experience towards the next level, and not just a little blip of progress that ultimately didn’t earn me very much.

In a similar stroke of genius, the game withholds just enough cool stuff from you that you want to keep playing. Rather than use Call of Duty’s model of having every possible unlock laid out, with the only barrier being what level you are/how many COD points you have, or Borderlands’ system of using a level-up as a way of getting an extra skill point (with only certain gun loot barred off to significantly higher levels), Halo 4 does the same but only reveals the next two or three levels’ loot, so not only are you working towards what you can see you can earn, you’re working towards being able to see what you can see you can earn.

Complex? Yes. Fruitful and moreish? Yes!

I am currently at Level 19, and I think it’s just Borderlands 2 that will stand in the way of doing much more tonight. So many games, so many sources of XP, so little time!


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