Friday, 25 January 2013

Far Cry 3 is so, so good

Far Cry 3 is such a good game. I’m not entirely sure how better to word this, so let me explain it to you in the form of its worst bit, and even then it works so in the favour of the gameplay that it barely even matters. Long story short, Far Cry 3 wants you to believe that your character is helpless; that he’s completely out of his depth and has nothing to help him. This is so completely not the case it’s hysterical.

For a start, one of the first things ever said in the game is that your character, Jason Brody, has “never shot a gun before”. The time between him saying that and him being this unstoppable force of furious nature is approximately twelve minutes of gameplay. You’re told you can buy your weapons, but you can also spend a short time climbing a radio tower, doing which not only unfogs your map but actually makes weapons available for free in stores.

For that matter, ammo initially seems expensive, but you find money (and indeed ammo) everywhere and stores offer a 20% discount for buying your ammo in bulk, so you’re never dry. In fact, I often found myself setting off to hunt animals just to get a bigger ammo pouch. It helps that the hunting’s fun, though; it felt good to specifically set out with a ticklist for the bits I needed for my snazzy new weapon holster, and come back with my prize.

I am most impressed, though, at just how easy it is to lose yourself in this game. Everywhere you go there’s a new mission to do or a band of pirates fighting a tiger that you can deal with – and I found myself drawn in to do every last thing I’m given. And I doubt I’ve so much as scratched the surface.

This game is so good.


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