Saturday, 29 June 2013

Spectacle Games

One thing I’ve always loved to do with a new computer – in particular, the dream machine I’m now saving up for – is a spectacle game. Something to break in the shiny new hardware and show off just what it can do; drawing every polygon in record time, making sure every last alias is, in fact, antied, and giving me closure on the issue that is spending a boatload of money on a brand new machine.

For my current laptop, that was StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, a game that I repeatedly hear runs acceptably on everything, but doesn’t run well on anything – and that was a marvellous sight to see in sixty-frames-a-second gorgeousness. For the PC before then, it was Garry’s Mod, my first ever gaming-grade graphics card humming and chugging its way to making that game function and providing a gateway to PC gaming in general.

The question is, what do I use as my spectacle game for the new machine? What would show off the power in the truest of senses? I think there’s on candidate that’s standing out above the others. It could only be Battlefield 4.

DICE were the show-stealers at EA’s demonstration, and BF4 was a standout entry, with its 64-player battles, fully destructible environments and gorgeous graphics. It’s probably going to be the best spectacle game I can currently think of to show off the new computer this November – but what do you think would be one?


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